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National Prevention of Youth Substance Abuse Conference 

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The Prevention of Youth Substance Abuse Conference is a national conference that focuses on providing innovative prevention strategies to address youth substance abuse in rural communities. With more than 2,000 people from over 30 states, territories and countries, the 14th annual conference continues to expand its reach. Our target audience consists of Prevention Specialists, Educators, Faith Leaders, Law Enforcement, Mental Health Counselors, Public Health Professionals, Guidance Counselors, Nurses, Researchers, Substance Use Professionals and Treatment Providers.  

Coalition for Healthy Youth was awarded the "Most Outstanding Community Health Project" by the South Carolina Office of Rural Health for its commitment to improving the overall health of the community.
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Barbecue and Sweet Tea Presentation
Operation Parent Presentation 
ACES and Substance Misuse Presentation
2023 Prevention of Youth Substance Misuse Conference-Virtual 

We are gearing up for another exciting  virtual conference series. Join us as we host a lineup of Keynote speakers to bring innovative prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery strategies. STAY TUNED!

2022 Prevention of Youth Substance Misuse Conference-Virtual 

Four virtual sessions with 4 amazing Keynote speakers. This virtual series included sessions from Ryan Hampton, Judge Linda Davis, Lauren Sisler and Jason Kilmer. 

2021 Prevention of Youth Substance Abuse Conference-Virtual

Our virtual conference series lineup was 6 days of 6 FANTASTIC speakers working to advance the field of prevention: Eric Rowles, Alison Hurayt, Sam Quinones, Capt. Michael King, Joneen McKenzie and Ty Sells. 

2020 Prevention of Youth Substance Abuse Conference-Cancelled

Our 2020 Conference was cancelled due to the pandemic. 


2019 Prevention of Youth Substance Abuse Conference-Working Together, Developing Solutions 

3 days of amazing learning opportunities with keynote speakers Ray Lozano, Tony Hoffman, Dr. Tammy Palowski and Leford Fate.

2018 Prevention of Youth Substance Abuse Conference-Strategies to Address Opioid Misuse

Finding strategies to address the Opioid epidemic, CHY brought keynote speakers Marc Fomby, Dr. Chris Johnson and Anton Gunn to present to its audience. 

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